Programme committee

Technical changes, prospective studies, experimental feedback, new services, innovative practices, information security and challenges represent for our organisations the topics covered during the JRES. They are selected and organized by the programme committee according to a rich but balanced agenda during the duration of the conference. The are structured around the main topical subjects.

The JRES programme is composed of plenary sessions, long/short sessions, round tables, posters, lighting talks and BOFs.

The programme committee is representative of the French Education and Research community. Its task is to prepare the content of the conference by soliciting and selecting original and innovative contributions covering topical subjects as well as substantive topics for establishments and institutions.

Contact :

Members list

Benoit Moreau
(Co-président du CP)


Laurence Moindrot
(Co-présidente du CP)

Université de Strasbourg

François-Xavier Andreu

RENATER (Rennes)

Luisa Arrabito

CNRS - IN2P3 (Montpellier)

Didier Benza

INRIA Sophia

Jérémie Boutard

CNRS (Toulouse)

Marie Dominique Cabanne

CNRS - LAAS (Toulouse)

Anne Combe

INRIA Sophia

Anne-Isabelle Cuperly

Rectorat de Toulouse

Gaetan Enderle

Université Grenoble Alpes

Jean-François Guezou

RENATER (Rennes)

Catherine Grenet

IAP Paris

Claude Gross

RENATER (Grenoble)

Emmanuel Halbwachs

Observatoire de Paris

Stéphane Igounet

Université d’Avignon

Xavier Jeannin


Eric Jullien

Université Grenoble Alpes

Stuart McLellan

MNHN Paris

Gérard Milhaud

Université d’Aix-Marseille

Olivier Page

École Centrale Marseille

Christophe Saillard

Université de Strasbourg

François Soler

Rectorat de Paris

Sandrine Twardy

Université Sud Toulon-Var

Laurent Weinhardt


Alain Zamboni

Université de Strasbourg